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New Wireless Charging 2019

It can charge iWatch and iPhone (or Samsung or other brand phones) at the same time, or charge two phones (can be different brands of phones) at the same time. Avoid using too many charging cables, let you have a neat environment, and solve the solution of wireless charging multiple different brands of mobile phones at the same time.

Work for Iphone(8, 8 Plus, X), I-watch, Samsung (Note5, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, S7, S7 Edge, S7 Edge+, S8, S8+),Nokia Lumia(1520, 1020, 920, 822, 820, 93), LG(Nexus4/5/6, LTE2, D1), HTC (8X, Butterly, Incredible 4GL), HUAWEI W3 etc.

Specifications For New Wireless Charging 2019:

1. Input voltage:DC5V2A(9V 1.6A)
2. Output Current: DV5V 1.5A(9V 1.2A)
3. Transmit power:10W
4. Size:95*13*3mm
5. Packaging Size:132*132*32mm
6. Frequency: 100-150KHZ
7. Input voltage: DC4.3V~5.5V/1.5~ 2A, exceed this range voltage alarm and stop charging
8. Conversion efficiency: greater than 73%
9. Transmission distance: maximum 10mm, recommended a transmit-receive spacing of 2mm~4mm

10. Standby power consumption: average power consumption is less than 50mW
11. Over temperature protection: when charging temperature above 60 ° automatically stop charging for 1 minute, such as the temperature drop down before recharging the batteries
12. Overcurrent protection: when charging, the output current is greater than 1.5a, which automatically stops charging and prevents damage to the charger
13. Implementation-standard: Qi wireless charging standard
14. Product certification: CE/FCC, compatible with QI certification standard
15. Support for foreign body detection: support

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Does Wireless Charge Work with The Apple iPhone?

Apple Inc. has joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC – Qi) in February 2017.

The new iPhone is usually presented in the month of September.

We reckon this to be the ideal opportunity for Apple to announce the arrival of wireless charging to the iPhone 8.

Should you wait until September?

We don’t think so!

Our team developed several wireless charging solutions to enable iOS devices to be charged with Qi wireless charging technology.

Check out our Apple MFi Certified power banks and wireless charging cases!


Is Wireless Charging Faster Or Slower Than Cabled Charging?

Nowadays, most wireless charging solutions are just as, or even more efficient than wired charging.

Inductive charging automatically stops when the device is fully charged, a technique that isn’t available in 99 percent of the currently available adapters.

The latest Qi-certified wireless chargers can deliver.


Does Wireless Charging Work With Samsung Devices?


Samsung is actively involved in the Qi wireless power standard.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 series, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Gear S Smartwatch series are all Qi-compatible.

Not all Samsung devices have Qi wireless charging technology integrated.

For Samsung models that don’t have the Qi technology integrated, We have developed several wireless charging items.

higher power levels (up to 15W) to compatible receivers, resulting in significantly faster charging times.

We also manufacture other Wireless Charging products.

In fact, we made a PDF file in it.


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