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Even though wireless charging technology may seem a relatively new phenomenon, anyone who owns an electrical toothbrush has been using the technology for many years. Your sonic toothbrush is fed with wireless power when placed on the charging dock. Nowadays over 500 types of mobile devices on the market can be charged wirelessly.

As a wireless charging expert, we’d like to explain more about the transfer of wireless power and its technology.

How does wireless charging work? Does your phone support wireless charging?  Is wireless charging safe?

Wireless charging systems must obey a set of rules and regulations related to electromagnetic interference (EMI/EMC), sometimes also called “radio disturbance”, and magnetic fields. All our products of course meet these rules and regulations. So, is wireless power safe? Yes, all kinds of precautions have been taken to make sure that it is. Read more on  how wireless charging works.

Nowadays, most wireless charging solutions are just as, or even more efficient than wired charging. Inductive charging automatically stops when the device is fully charged, a technique that isn’t available in 99 percent of the currently available adapters.

The latest Qi certified wireless chargers can deliver higher power levels (up to 15W) to compatible receivers, resulting into significantly faster charging times.

Apple Inc. has joined the Wireless Power Consortium  (WPC – Qi) in February 2017. The new iPhone is usually presented in the month of September. We reckon this to be the ideal opportunity for Apple to announce the arrival of wireless charging to the iPhone 8.

Should you wait until September? We don’t think so! Our team developed several wireless charging solutions to enable iOS devices to be charged with Qi wireless charging technology. Check out our Apple MFi Certified powerbanks and wireless charging cases!

Yes. Samsung is actively involved in the Qi wireless power standard. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 series, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Gear S Smartwatch series are all Qi compatible.

Not all Samsung devices have Qi wireless charging technology integrated. For Samsung models that don’t have the Qi technology integrated, We have developed several  wireless charging items.

The first thing you’ll want to do is check to make sure the headphones you are considering are compatible with your mobile device, whether it runs iOS, Android, Windows, or another system. The large majority of wireless headphones today pair with your device via Bluetooth.

Mobile devices and headphones models vary, but in general, you’ll need to open your settings, make sure Bluetooth is activated, and turn your headphones’ Bluetooth or wireless functionality on. From there, the name of your headphones should appear in a list of Bluetooth devices in your mobile device’s menu. Select the headphones, wait a brief moment, and you should receive a message on your device or an audible note in your headphones as confirmation. After that, you’re all set!

That all depends on the model of  bluetooth .

Bluetooth headphones and mobile phone or Bluetooth adapter, the effective working range of up to 10 meters (30 feet). In general, Bluetooth headphones and mobile phone in the middle there is no obstacle, the link between them the best.

Similar to cordless phones, wireless network equipment such as the obstacles may interfere with your call, usually in the call when the crackling. A few cases, the interference will make the headphones can not call.In order to reduce the interference, please the headphones are away from devices that use or transmit radio waves.

The noise or “static noise” in the headphones originates in a number of ways, most of which is due to radio interference between the phone and the headphones. To improve the call try to keep the phone and headphones without radio interference between, and try to ensure that they are in the process of transmitting signals without any obstacles, was smooth state.

Itopnoo best bluetooth headphones to comply with the safety requirements of wireless radiation. Bluetooth headphones radiation frequency is one hundred thousandth or less of the general mobile phone with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers radiation absorption rate (the maximum can not exceed 1.6 watts / kg ), Such a low radiation is almost negligible. In fact, the use of Bluetooth headphones, which can effectively reduce the radiation generated during the course of the call, because you can safely use.

Depending on individual needs and requirements, there are several general criteria to consider when selecting a powerbank:

a) Capacity

For example if your phone battery is 1500mAh and is 0% now, a powerbank with 2200mAh can charge your phone 1 time.  If your phone battery is 3000mAh and is 0% now, a powerbank with 2200mAh will not be able to charge your phone to full because the phone battery capacity is higher than the powerbank.  If you require a powerbank that is able to charge your phone several times, you need a powerbank with higher capacity.

b) Number of output

1 output to charge 1 device, 2 outputs to charge 2 devices.

c) Output specification

1A-1.5A output is generally for smartphones, 1.5A-2.0A output is generally for tablets.

The time it takes to charge a device with a power bank is dependent on a number of factors.  Firstly and most important is the output of the Power Bank, most are 1A output.  Only larger capacity power banks (5000mAh +) will have a 2A or 2.1A output.    A second important factor is the resistance of the cable used.  Some cables only have a 1A capacity capability.

The same calculation as above can be used to calculate how long the power bank will take to charge a device.  The example below assumes there is 0% power left in device battery.

Powerbank output: 1A

Phone battery: 1500mAh

Calculation: 1500mAh / 800mAh =  1.875 hours

(Why 800mA? An estimate of 20% power is consumed during the charging/ discharging process)

Below is a diagram showing some common mobile phones battery capacity.

Generally, a properly maintained powerbank can retain up to 80-90% of its original capacity at 400-500 charge and discharge cycle (charge then discharge = 1 cycle, regardless of whether you charge/ discharge it partially or fully).Until your power bank no longer holds sufficient charge to meet your needs, you may choose to purchase a new one.

a) It is possible that your power bank is fully drained.  Please charge your powe rbank.  The indicator will start blinking when the power bank receives sufficient power.

b) It is possible that your power bank went into sleep mode.  The powerbank will automatically cut-off the power and go into sleep mode when it detects possibility of over-charge/ over-discharge/ short-circuit.  This is sometimes due to faulty cable issue.  Please activate the “sleeping” power bank by charging it with its wall plug (3-pin plug) and use a good condition cable.