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Levitating speakers are speakers that are suspended in mid-air through the use of magnetic fields. This process may sound futuristic – and, honestly, they may look like something from a spaceship – but this type of technology has been around for several decades. Despite the commonplace history of this technology, levitating speakers have been unheard of; this is because of the lack of large brands endorsing the trendsetting idea. However, in 2017, this changed when several larger electronic companies introduced their versions of these innovative speakers. Now, levitating speakers are all the rage, and they will soon be as popular as mp3 players and laptops.

Specifications For New Floating Speaker:

1. Output Power: 1X5W
2. Driver Unit: 50mm
3. Frequency Response: 120Hz~20kHz
4. Product life: 2000 hours
5. Button life:5000 times
6. Receiving Range:18M (No blocking)
7. Bluetooth connected: S 15S
8. Power Supply: DC 5V
9. USB output power: DC5V 2.1A
10. Battery Capacity: 3.7V/1000mAH

11. Operating time: 8H
12. Charging time: 2~3 H
13. Speaker SNR:>75dB
14. Speaker Distortion Rate:<10%
15. Loudspeaker Power: 5W/50MM 4ohm
16. Battery Type:1800mAh
17. Waterproof Type: IPx7
18. Version: V4.2+EDR
19. Use for: indoors and outdoors, like your home, offices, gardens, restaurants, cafes, wedding, party, and camping even Halloween decoration, etc anywhere you need.

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