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April 25, 2019

Embedding wireless charging technology in phones is becoming a popular trend followed by some of the biggest mobile phone companies. 

As the world is evolving with the change in time and technology, mobile phones are also evolving.

And this is the reason that a big company like Samsung and Apple have started embedding wireless charging feature in their latest phones.

This is because these companies know how convenient and useful this technology of wireless charging is.

And in the coming future, the wireless chargers will take over the traditionally wired chargers.

This is the major reason behind the adaptation of wireless charging technology by Apple and Samsung.

This is not limited to these two leading brands, with time, more and more brands are heading towards the wireless charging technology so that they do not get left behind. In 2017, we witnessed some of the leading brands releasing their phones with wireless charging enabled, these brands included LG, Nokia, Google Nexus and Blackberry.

This shows how important it is for you to start using wireless charging.

If your phone doesn’t have a wireless charging technology, don’t worry, we will tell you how you can use wireless charging on your phone which doesn’t have a wireless charging technology.

How does wireless charging work?

It is really simple, the wireless charging feature is very convenient and easy to use and will work in an incredible way to provide you with ease.

With the wireless charger, you will not be hunting around for the charger or fumbling in the dark for plugs.

You will not be managing the pile of wires in your car to adjust your phone.

You can just plug in the wireless charging pad and put your phone on it, it is as simple as that.

And when you are at home, you can put your phone on the wireless charging pad and grab it when charged.

No need to find sockets for your charger and then plugging the charging pin in the phone.

No need to find a place to put your phone every time you charge it, all of this inconvenience goes away with wireless charging. If you need a more technical answer to how wireless charging works then it is simple.

Wireless chargers have a transmitter coil which emits an alternating magnetic field. And in turn, it induces alternating current/voltage in receiver coil present inside the device.

It is as simple as that.

Now if your mobile has a Qi (chi) wireless reception, you can use the wireless charger which is compatible with your mobile (based on the USB port type).

There are different versions of wireless chargers including 5W, 7.5W, and 10W and so on.

But most of the latest phones from iPhone and Samsung use 7.5W and 10W respectively.

You just need to get a wireless phone charger which supports the Qi wireless charging technology of your phone.

Once you have the wireless phone charger, you can plug the wireless charging pad on the socket and just place your phone on it, that’s it.

And if you want to charge in the car, just get a wireless car charger and the process is the same.

If you want to know how you can charge your phone through wireless charging which doesn’t have a wireless charging feature then read the guide below:

How to work of wireless charging receiver

How to charge ordinary mobiles without wireless charging function?

If you don’t own a phone which has wireless charging technology then don’t worry, you can still charge your phone through wireless charging.

You just need wireless charging receiver along with a supported wireless charger and that’s it.

Now you just need to know how to charge your phone through this wireless charging receiver and wireless charger.

Take a look at the steps below:


  • First, get a wireless charging receiver which has a USB port according to your phone.  For instance, if you have an iPhone, get a wireless charging receiver which has an iPhone supported wireless charging port.
  • Then insert the wireless charging receiver into your phone and your phone will then be able to charge through Qi wireless phone charger.
  • Once you have inserted the wireless charging receiver, plug the supported Qi wireless phone charger into the socket and start charging your phone immediately.
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How to find the best wireless charger?

This is very important for you to know because the technology of wireless charging is still new.

And you don’t know who is credible enough to provide you with a charger which is safe for your phone.

This is why you should use the iTopnoo’s wireless fast chargers which are both safe and affordable.

Here at iTopnoo, we have all types of wireless fast chargers for all types of phones including Samsung, Huawei, iPhone, LG, Nokia, and Sony, etc.

We can provide you with chargers of 5W, 7W and 10W for your home and car.

Moreover, we also provide Wireless Power bank which will let you charge your mobile phone anywhere and anytime.

Similarly, people who are facing trouble finding the best manufacturer who can provide them with wireless charging receiver.

So that they can make their ordinary phones capable of wireless charging can also contact us.

We have designed different receivers for all type of phones which do not have a wireless charging feature.

Our wireless charging receivers are 100 percent safe and of high quality.

Moreover, if you have more than one phone and all have a different type of USB ports, then we also offer universal receiver which has all types of ports so you can charge all of your mobiles through wireless charging.

To avoid the phone getting hot, best to choose the wireless charger with cooler. 

We make our products with passion and ambition which ensures their long life and high working capability.

You can check on eBay or Amazon for wireless chargers but you will not know if the seller is credible or not.

On the other hand, we provide our customers with the best quality product, affordable prices, fast delivery, and after-sales service.

We have an experience of over 12 years and we follow all safety and quality rules and regulations while manufacturing our products.

So if you want a wireless charger, wireless charging receiver, wireless car charger, wireless charging power bank, and universal wireless charger, you can email us or place an order now to have your product delivered with a swift speed.

Because we are very dedicated to our customers, so we put them first. Right place, the right choice.

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